Frequently Asked Questions

Does this type of waxing hurt?

It can be painful but this is minimise by using a special wax (Brazilian hard wax) that does not adhere to the skin. Many clients say that it is not as bad as they imagined it would be.

Do I have to be naked?

A t-shirt can be worn however the areas being waxed need to be uncovered.

What if I get aroused?

Don’t worry. This does happen on occasion and usually passes quite quickly –  your therapist will just ignore it and get on with the job. Please note however that any inappropriate behaviour or language will result in the therapist stopping the treatment and asking you to leave (even if the job is half done!)

Should I shave down the hair?

Your waxing may be more comfortable if the hair is shaved down but remember there MUST be at least half an inch of hair for the waxing to be effective. To guarantee this no shaving must be done within 3 weeks of your treatment. Check with your therapist before shaving.

Male Brazilian or Male Hollywood?

Your choice! The Hollywood leaves no pubic hair at all. The Brazilian leaves some hair above the penis.

What's a BSC?

BSC stands for Back, Sack and Crack. A mix of Brazilian and crème waxing to remove hair from these areas.

How can I avoid in-growing hairs?

Exfoliate the skin thoroughly to remove dead skin cells. Moisturise the skin every day. If the skin is supple new growth can break through more easily reducing the risk of ingrowing hairs and infection.

Do you offer a shaving service?

No, I only offer male waxing services, which give a far superior result compared to shaving.