Client Testimonials

"Id just like to thank you for the waxing you did for me today. Your professionalism and quality of service is superb, the whole experience was carried out in a relaxed atmosphere and you put me completely at my ease. I was somewhat nervous of going to an unknown place for such an intimate procedure, but I really enjoyed the way in which it was carried out and the result I have come away with."

Michael, Emsworth

"Well you did it!! Just a short note to say thank you. You made it completely unembarrasing and I felt at ease. I didn't think doing something like that would be lighthearted but it was. A true professional. I have had that smug, clean fresh feeling all day and a wide smile, feels great!!! Thanks again."


"This was the first time I had been waxed in my life and must admit to feeling terrified prior to it, despite having read up on all of the information about the subject. These fears quickly dissipated thanks to the warm, friendly reception received and having all my questions answered before the process began. The major worries I had about the process were the enormous amount of pain expected and the after effects. In truth it does hurt, however it is more akin to ripping a plaster off than anything. It is a short sharp pain that quickly ebbs away and the process gets significantly less painful as the waxing progresses closer to the back of the body. Special wax is used for sensitive areas that only adheres to the hair which helps minimise the pain and ensures complete hair removal.

Once the process is complete you are quite easily able to walk again with no discomfort and details of the very easy aftercare procedures are presented to you.

Lisa is a very highly qualified and skilled Beauty Therapist whose methods ensure the highest standard of results and attitude throughout maintains a feeling of relaxation through pleasant chat and communication. The results are fantastic to say the very least and leave a smooth finish lasting for over about a month.

The whole experience has stopped me shaving completely and I will certainly be using Lisa again in the future."


"Thank you so much for an excellent waxing today. It was thoroughly professional and your warmth and humour made the whole experience relaxed and comfortable. The results are absolutely excellent and I will not be using anyone else for intimate waxing in the future. Your professionalism and attention to detail were impressive and you didn't rush the process, taking as much time as was needed. Thanks again, Lisa. I look forward to my next appointment."


"Well I finally bucked up the courage to have an intimate waxing. When I arrived, Lisa immediately put me at ease and after the formalities of forms, etc, I was shown into her treatment room. She was very professional and put me very much at ease, explaining what and how she would do the waxing. I cannot say it did not hurt at all but it was far far less than I thought it would be and only momentary. I cannot wait to see my wife's reaction to my new smooth, clean, cool manhood and will be suggesting she has her own intimate wax done by Lisa very soon as well. I would truely recommend Lisa to anyone thinking of having it done, male or female. I have already booked my followup appointment for six weeks time."

Alan, Southampton

"I have been having waxing including Brazilians & Hollywood's for more than 20 years. On the occasions I have had the opportunity to go to Lisa's it has been a great experience. Not only has the waxing been a brilliant job but Lisa's charm and warmth make the whole experience a five-star treatment. I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone."


"This was a first ever waxing experience for me today, a job that was very well done, thank you so much!
Lisa was friendly, polite, pleasant and professional. Really pleased with the result and wouldn't hesitate in recommending her services."

Steve, Gosport


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